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    Changing field data based on critieria in other fields


      I'm back!! 

      Now I'm trying to assign students to 'Bd1", "Bd2", or any count of BdAlt1....5" based on:

      Field "instrument"

      Field "event"

      Field "rank"


      So-- instrument = alto saxophone

              event = d11 hsb

               rank = 1......53

      There are 6 separate events, and I need to assign students to each based on event, instrument, and rank


      How do I assign the first 4 to "Bd1", the next 4 to "Bd2", 9th chair to "BdAlt1" and 10th chair to "bdAlt2"?

      By the way , these are radio-button choices from an already-existing list.  I'm willing to modify as necessary......................