file opens without requiring username/password

Discussion created by jfreeman on Jan 9, 2017
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Hello and Happy New Year fellow community members.


I apologize if this has already been addressed.


We are running FMPro Server 14 on a Windows 12 server.  For some reason, on one particular mac computer in our school library, when I open FMPro client -> Open Favorite -> select our FMPro server from the list, and then select a database that i KNOW is username/password combo-protected, and then click 'Open', the file just opens right up without requiring a username or password.  This is only happening on ONE machine (that I know about) and is happening consistently even though I have restarted the server and this workstation a few times. 


If I hold the 'option' key down when clicking 'open' then I'm challenged for credentials.  Every other machine I use to open this file challenges me the way it's supposed to.  Looking forward to any advice on what's going on with this one particular mac workstation.


Thanks again and best wishes,