FMGo SDK 15.02 Camera / Image Library Crash Fix for Xcode 8.x

Discussion created by guy on Jan 9, 2017
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if any of you are using the FMGo SDK and accidentally updated your Xcode to 8.2 you would have a found pretty soon that it would crash the app when trying to access the camera or image library on iOS 10.2. Rolling back to Xcode 7.2 is not really an option if you depend on other workflows and could potentially cause issues with Xcode managed certificate generation with enterprise apps. Xcode 8 is not officially supported yet for the SDK and it has been a few months since it was released.


There is a simple fix for the issue. Although you have to modify a setting in the Info.plist which strictly speaking you are not supposed to. But needs must.


Under information property list you will need to add Privacy - Camera Usage Description and Privacy - Photo Library Usage Description with a string in the value section. That's it. When you archive the app in Xcode 8 and deploy it to your device it no longer crashes out but correctly asks to set the iPad permissions for your app to access the camera device or image library.

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Hope that helps, it was getting fairly drastic for us to solve the issue as we depend on capturing installation photos from our engineers in the field on hundreds of MDM'd iPads .


We haven't experienced any other issues with using the FMGo 15.02 SDK with Xcode 8.2, but proceed with caution and test any solution thoroughly.


I'm sure Filemaker will have it sorted with the next release, but this should get you up and running again.