Import data or ESS

Discussion created by cillion on Jan 10, 2017
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Hi there.

For the first time, am now going to transfer data from a previus database into a replicate I made in Filemaker. I feel there is possibly alot that can go wrong, so hopefully there is someone out there that can help me do this without any problems.


1. First of all, I think there would be smart to do a ESS so that the new database would get the same records continuous if they are created in the old database? Or could it occur some problem with this?


2. When we started this project we just started of with a database backup of the orginal databaes, and there is some problem with that is emty would be "0" in filemaker, this is a problem because feks one related status table uses "0" as an status. So I need the value that is empty in the orginal database to be empty in new database, is this possible somehow?


The orginal database is an Access database