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Can't drag and drop movie in FTS tutorial

Question asked by MacDevGuy on Jan 9, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2018 by fmprolifehack

I am working through the Filemaker Training Series Advanced book for Filemaker Pro 14. On page 184 it says:


  1. In 02b_Bonsai.fmp12, click the Products button, then click on a Product record. Select the Video tab within that layout.
  2. Enter Layout mode and place the InstructionalVideo field on this tab. Display the Inspector (View > Inspector) if it is not currently displayed, change to the Data tab, and select the option to Optimize for Interactive content as shown in Figure 45.
  3. Enter Browse mode and drag and drop onto the InstructionalVideo field. Observe how the video file behaves when viewed within a field formatted for interactive content.

[Excerpt From: FileMaker Inc. “FileMaker Training Series: Advanced.” iBooks. <>]

When I attempt to drag and drop the movie, nothing happens. The previous exercise had me make adjustments to container storage options. i.e. method and location so I am wondering if the person who created the material actually created the file and never went back and checked it or made the steps out of order so the storage format options are not correct. In any event I'd like to continue and complete the exercise. Does anyone have any recommendations on what I need to check in order to see why the container field will not let me drop the video in the container field?