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A comparison Report between two tables!

Question asked by Flyfisher2611 on Jan 10, 2017
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I have two tables


1. A label Bin Table (each bin has an ID A1, B2 etc) each bin contains plant labels! - Parent


2. A Plant Scheduler table, showing Various varieties of plants I am growing this year. Each variety is linked to a specific Label bin, so we know where to find the labels! - Child of Label Bin table and Plant Detail table.


3. A Plant Details table, listing lots of varieties of Plants, some are being grown this year but some are not.

Some of the varieties not being grown still have a label bin assigned to them (even though the bin will not be used this year!) - Parent


What I need to do is create a report to list all the Label Bins that DO NOT have any of this years plant varieties allocated to them, in other words, I can see a list of the obsolete Varieties/Label Bins.


This would then give me the ability to easily assess whether to remove the variety from the Bin No. as we are unlikely to grow it ever again or leave the variety assigned for use next year. As you may guess, I am short of Label Bins and need to make some space!


Thank you in anticipation


Kind Regards