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    lost data during import


      Hello ,


      This is the situation, we are doing import from file A to file B (many tables import), file B is on a different server.

      It was working for a while ( months ) .

      Recently, we found out the records is randomly less from file B after the import. ( sometimes is table A has less record, sometimes is table B has less record )


      So hope someone have some idea what may cause this ? any directions or suggestions is help!


      certainly notice that the server is a bit slower than other ones.




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          You'll need to share more details.


          What kind of import?


          Scripted or manual?


          Do any of these imports attempt to update matching records or do they always add just add new records?


          Do you check the dialog that appears after import (manual) to see if all records successfully imported?


          If scripted, do you check for any error codes returned by the import?


          Issues with getting the correct found set can affect imports that use the matching record option to update matching records.


          Validation field options, if the "validated always" option is set can keep some records from importing if they fail a validation option.

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            Thank you.

            1. Scripted.

            2. it's all add new records , no update

            3. we will implement error codes checking in our script. let you know later.



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              That basic rules for importing data are:

              1. if a field validation fails and the field data can be dropped then it is dropped
              2. if a field validation fails and the field data cannot be dropped without breaking validation rules then the entire record is dropped.



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                after cleaning the hard drive C: which is a bit of full ( clean a lot of temp files ) .


                then run the update is fine for now.


                -- so it kind of tell me that the server or filemaker in general use "extra" hard drive space when doing importing from one file to another? and if the hard drive is too full, the data will lost in transaction ?


                -- anyway, we will keep the hard drive in "healthy" mode. but just curious how it works.



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                  The lesson is to have sufficient free space on your main drive. FileMaker uses a temporary copy of the file at all times. Periodically, the temp file is synched with the file on disk. This means that you may need significant amounts of free space for some operations.



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                    Yes, but if you run out of room for temp files, you should get an error message popping up. I really would not expect the lack of space for temp files to affect the results of your record imports unless you also were getting error messages about available free space.


                    I suppose that a corrupted temp file, however, might be able to cause such problems.