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Best Read-Ony Calendar Solution?

Question asked by user17152 on Jan 10, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2017 by fredewess

Hello everyone,


One of the ultimate goals of the project management solution I've been building is a calendar view.  I had been working with SeedCode Subscribe, but they have discontinued it (can't say I'm was always flakey) and I now find myself back at square one.  I've been looking at 360Works' Zulu again, but I'm not sold.  I've also looked at DayBack and while it looks fantastic, it is expensive (especially the online version) and overkill for us.


All of our scheduling is done in Filemaker.  All of our task management is done in Filemaker.  We would simply like to view our event/task data as READ-ONLY calendars in our scheduling applications (Outlook, Apple Calendar, Google Calendar, iOS) alongside our other calendars.  Users would subscribe to the calendars they need, ie: their active projects.


What are my options?  I don't want a subscription service, nor do I want to host my event data off-site.  I've looked at a few plugins that can manipulate Apple Calendar files (I'm developing on a Mac and my solution is deployed on both Mac and PC), but I haven't found one that can easily create and manipulate shared calendars on an OS X Server.  Does such a plugin exist?


Is anyone out there generating shared, read-only calendars from Filemaker data and, if so, what's your solution?  Thanks!