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    Dynamic Portal Filter


      Hello Community,


      I have few portals in my application on few layouts. I was hoping to add dynamic portal sorting on all of them; so when user click on the heading; it sort either ASC or DESC.


      Before posting this question here, I did some research and found 2 good techniques.

      one is by Kevin Frank and another by Tom Fitch.


      I wanted to use the technique that is easily re-usable and works great.


      My question is out of these 2; which technique is batter in terms easy to implement and re-use on different portals without having to play a lot with relationships.


      Alternatively, is there any other technique which can be used or demo file.


      Many Thanks.

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          Just giving the names of the authors doesn't tell us which method goes with which. I know of two methods:


          1. Sort on an unstored calculation field that copies values from different fields in order to enable dynamic sorting.
          2. Put two different portals on different panels of the same slide or tab control--each with a different sort order specified in portal set up. You "sort" the portal by selecting the different tab or slide control panel.


          The second option is simpler for the "newbie" to set up, but results in a more complex layout to update and maintain over time--especially if you want to enable a lot of different sorting options on different fields. Also, method 1 sorts on an unstored calculation field. This can lead to delays getting it to update if you have large numbers of related records in your portal.

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            can you post links to the two examples you have tested?

            Which one was easier for you to test?


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              I see that I have provided you with a third option. My comments about "option 1" in my previous post apply equally to both methods described in the links you've now provided as they both have the same unavoidable "flaw", they sort on an unstored field so you need consider and test performance issues if you use them.


              If you are always sorting on the same field, but in either ascending or descending order, I'd use method 2 from my earlier post and would only consider these other options if I need a more complex list of possible sorting options. Note that Method 2 can be set up with a bit of layout sleight of hand to make it appear to the user that there is only one portal and not two portals in different tab or slide control panels. I suppose that you could also use the Hide Object When option to control which sorted portal is visible as yet another way to "select" for a particular copy of the portal.