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    Is Product Ideas really working?


      So only 5 of the many ideas are Delivered. Somewhere around .4% I would argue Server for Linux is not truly delivered, but you get the point.


      What I also notice is the Delivered ideas are not the popular ones but the ones that were already in development before they were "Ideas" and happened to be on the Ideas list. Certainly the case for Linux Server and the assisted install addition. I think FM Cloud (Linux) was driven more by the desire to partner with AWS than to satisfy requests of the community to have a Linux Version.


      No status between Active and Delivered.  Why not Evaluating or In Development?


      Yes it is pretty new, but is it really working?

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          Product Ideas is starting to work, as more and more people from Filemaker understand and try to solve the absurdities plaguing us for years and learning to become Filemaker Users, facing our own frustrations and convincing themselves that specific aspects need to go 2.0.


          This year (not as in 2017 but as in "last 365 days") we got important things we've been asking for, that go beyond feature X, like youtube videos of conferences we could not attend to or a plan for the future. Hat off.


          But for me fixing existent problems is 1 order of magnitude higher in priority. Like FM 15 getting slower and slower each 10 minutes I'm using it, until it crashes, or I outsmart it by timely quitting and relaunching.