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    Scaling Printing On A PC


      If you have a MAC available you can set up a custom sheet size if your print driver lets you in a script step to fit the layout in filmmaker. Then when you set the page setup on your PC to the correct scale to print your custom sheet on an 8.5x11. If your setup is like mine the sheet size will show as custom in your print dialog but should print properly on a non postscript printer. This worked for me after years of not finding an answer. I hope this helps.

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          You can set custom page sizes on Windows systems also. But this doesn't allow you to scale the layout to fit the custom page size. The option for that isn't found in typical Windows print dialogs. The custom page size just re-positions your page breaks.

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            It's incredible how much stuff you can put on a layout set to print at 100% in landscape mode, using Calibri at 7 pt as font - which is very readable when printed. Of course you'll have to design the layout in 300% zoom and use it only for printing, but try.

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              Layouts customized solely for printing are common in FileMaker for a number of reasons--not only this one. They're pretty common in other DB applications too since a good layout design to support the work flow for editing data is often different from what you want for a report anyway.

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                I don't want to hijack this thread but I was going to post something about Filemaker print setup scaling and pdf.

                Figured I was going to post it here.


                In the Print Setup dialog you can set the orientation and the scale %.

                You set it up to Landscape-100% and save the pdf.

                Open it with the Preview app on Mac and print (you will see that the orientation is landscape in the print window)

                Now if you set it up Landscape-90% and try the same thing , the orientation in the print window will revert to Portrait.

                Is this a known bug ?

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                  So true, especially with all the retina screens around - you might have to use 14 or 16 pt for the user interface, while half of that is enough for printing. The best example for this is going into layout mode, setting page setup to 100% A4 and activating View -> Page breaks. At first you'll react with a WTF, my screen is displaying 6 pages, then you'll understand what has to be done.

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                    I'm afraid you need to specify which version of Filemaker and which version of the OS, so that we can try to replicate the situation. It might as well be a feature of Preview and not a bug, with him trying to calc the best orientation in order to achieve the max zoom.

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                      Well the OP doesn't describe this as a problem but as a solution. I commented because unless I am missing something, the solution as presented, doesn't work. I myself have set up custom page sizes in WIndows in order to print to a dot matrix printer loaded with non standard sized NCR form and this does not scale the layout, it just moves the page breaks.


                      I was hoping for a response back from the OP that clarified the situation.

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                        You're right but after riding many forums and knowing what the big problems people have, a title like "Scaling Printing on a PC" - which sounds really like a dream and also like something ppl will forever google for - should IMHO have some ideas helping googlers to find their way out.


                        In other words, some OP titles trigger me to go beyond the post content and strictly answering to it, because I know it will be searched and found in the future.

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                          I agree completely.

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                            My print driver on the PC does not allow you to set up custom page sizes. This is why I went back to the MAC to see if I set up the custom page there and set a script step to that custom size if it would change the way the PC printed the layout. This was all done in FM 15 so I am not sure how it will work in other versions. I don't have alot of time to post step by step SOP right now but the basic points are, set a custom page on a MAC that encompasses the layout, make a script to print at that custom page size, set the PC printer preferences to print on a letter or other size your printer supports and set the % scale to whatever will down size your custom page to the PC output size. When you go to print the dialog should list the paper size as custom. The choice of cutom was not available until I set it in the script step. I'm not a big PC guy and am not sure why this is such an issue but I have been looking for a solution for a while now. Just to clarify this worked for me but I can't say that it will work for every configuration out there. I don't post much so if anyone has more advice for me I am open to any suggestions.

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                              Well you don't work directly with the printer driver on a windows system. You have to go in via the print server as I recall. This sets a custom page size for multiple printer drivers that might be installed on your computer. But the main thing that I question is this:

                              and set the % scale to whatever will down size your custom page to the PC output size.

                              No windows driver that I've looked at has that option and it's not clear why you need the custom page size in the first place if all you want to do is scale the layout to fit a standard 8.5 x 11 page.


                              It's a common complaint here in the forum when a Mac developer tries to deploy to windows only to find that their layouts can't be scaled to fit via the print dialogs like you can on a Mac system. This appears to be a basic windows vs. Mac difference in printer drivers as far as I have been able to observe.


                              PS. I went and looked at the dialogs accessible from FileMaker 15 on my current windows 7 laptop and actually found a setting to "reduce or enlarge document" and with a percentage setting. I thought I'd have to quite cheerfully eat my words, but when I tested changes to the setting, massive percentage changes such as changing it to 50% produced a very small change in the page breaks lines so this still does not appear to be an option that FileMaker can use on a Windows system.

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                                I don't have time to argue with you. All I know is that this worked and if someone cant reproduce the results that I got it is probably a mis comunication on my part or a difference in configurations. As I stated, I will post a through SOP of how I got this to work. Please be patient. This works and I just thought passing what I did might help others

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                                  Apologies, but I'm not arguing with you, I'm trying to understand you. This is an issue I have dealt with for many years and what you post runs counter to that experience so I'm trying to figure out exactly what you did.


                                  Setting a "custom paper size" on a Mac system shouldn't have any affect on the file when run on a windows system given that this, to my understanding, is an OS setting on the Mac and thus shouldn't even be accessible to a windows user.


                                  Perhaps you set the percent scaling value on the Mac in Print setup in a script and found that this affected what you get when printing from windows?

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                                    If it helps, what started me on this idea was an explanation of how Filmmaker sends the page to the printer. Only the information within the page setup prints regardless of the scale you set. The custom page is just a way to set the area to print and then you scale the output to whatever percent will fit the information on the sheet you are printing on with the PC. This all has to be done via a script in order to work. You also need the ability to scale printing. Scaling was not available to me in the print dialog itself but in the properties/effects. I hope this helps clarify.

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