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Append PDF script step is not appending

Question asked by Stu412 on Jan 11, 2017
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Hi there


I'm looking to create one PDF from two reports which run from two layouts.  The first layout contains a result set, the second layout contains a selection of narrations.  I need these in one PDF.


Currently, I am using save to PDF in a script to create PDFs for the first layout and this works great. 


I took a look at the save to PDF step and saw the Append to existing and thought, hey presto - here we go.  However, there's no appending going on.  Despite this step being selected to run without dialog, a dialog box still appears and I'm being prompted to enter a second file name for the second report.


What I want to happen is:


Click button, run script

Find and sort

Enter preview mode

Save to PDF

Enter filename

Enter browse mode


Goto next layout

Find and sort

Enter preview mode

Append to what I just saved

Enter browse mode



Not sure how to make this one happen.


Thanks in advance