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    No Published Hardware Requirements for FM Cloud.


      This is causing confusion as FM Cloud was demoed with hardware that is less than the Win/macOS requirements.

      System Requirements for FileMaker Server 15 | FileMaker


      The free trial runs on a single vCPU with less than 80GB storage and there is the odd CPU credit system with AWS. There is a lot of difficulty selecting hardware for the solution in use. I really feel this is a serious lack of info on the product and there should be some recommended hardware for FM Cloud or at least a single published comparable setup for hardware equal to the Win/macOS requirements.


      One of the main reasons I am not really sending any production databases to FM Cloud already. I cannot really be sure if a client will have under or over provisioned hardware. Yes I think it is a product issue.

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          FM Cloud will not allow you to deploy on an AWS EC that is not supported. It's self-documenting. I guess I don't get the issue.

          The requirements are not "the same" because it is not the same software as traditional FMS.

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            I expected this kind of response and it's quite obvious what it is but also obvious there is no other documentation about resource usage.


            I guess since the resources can be scaled easily they just leave it to me to try and figure it out. Not so great when a client expects a certain cost and later has to pay more because it's not enough for the solution. Also bad to lose clients when the cost is over estimated.


            I guess the root of the difficulty is FMS has years of proven performance with X users on Y hardware. We don't have that with FM Cloud and I guess that is where we could have some thinking to do.


            Will a FM Cloud install on the smallest tier support the same solution and number of users with the same performance as a new dual core Mac mini? That is a good question, right?

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              Those are good questions.

              They do have this page that has some general guidelines for number of users on this page.

              FileMaker Cloud Technical Specifications | FileMaker


              Which dual core Mac mini? The base 1.4GHz i5 or the high end 3.0GHz i7. There is quite a range there… and the mini is over-due for an update, but that's another thread.

              And are you using the mini in-house over a LAN, or hosted in a data center somewhere? It takes a lot of horsepower to beat LAN speeds, of course.


              Keep in mind that even with regular FMS, there are not hard and fast rules for number of users for whatever number of cores, memory, etc. Too many other variables besides just users. Are you using WebDirect? How complex is your data model? Do you use a lot of PSoS calls? Etc, etc.


              In general, anecdotal observations seem to indicate that you might be able to get by with a little less "hardware" than you think you need with FM Cloud, compared to traditional hardware and FMS. For one thing, the pipe to the data centers is pretty beefy.


              All great things to experiment with. Of course it's hard to sell a client on being the guinea pig.