Filemaker and Outlook (Office 365)

Discussion created by thehalpeen on Jan 11, 2017

I'm trying to organise my self for 2017. I do most of my admin work with Office 365. But during 2016, I've gotten back to using Filemaker for some Admin - but it can be messy running two systems.


Is it possible to integrate Outlook and Filemaker either with a plug-in or a script, or some ical routine..


For Example, I get an invite for a meeting into my Outlook inbox. I accept it in Outlook and it creates an appointment in my Outlook calendar. Is it possible for Filemaker to pick this up by some method of pulling from Outlook and adding it to my Filemaker Events table - or vica Versa, create an event in Filemaker and push it to Outlook.


And is it possible with tasks as well.