Real Cost of Amazon server?

Discussion created by CJWatson on Jan 11, 2017
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Lot's of articles on how to get your amazon server working but none mention a real world cost. What I mean is this. If I host myself it costs me :


x for the imac

x for 5 connection FMS

Users connect as many times as they like and use the server . So if Imac cost $800.00 and server software $888 it cost $1688.00 a year for me to have users connect. Less the next year because already own the hardware, but need to renew the Server License.


So on the Amazon server - We know the 5 user connection is $888, But how does this minute/hourly pay out. Lets have some examples, like if 3 users connect 7 hours a day to get work done from office, and two users 2 hours day by ipad. What approximate cost would the Amazon fee be.

Seems I can only find out by moving to the Amazon server and setting it up, then waiting for the surprise in the form of the monthly bill.

It's easy to understand we don't have to buy hardware, no time spent maintaining But it's the monthly cost that our customers are interested in.

Anyone have a real world case?


Filemaker , How about some approximate costs for an average situation like stated above to help us decide whether, Amazon is cost effective.