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Filemaker Server 15 Secure databases

Question asked by pmconaway on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by pmconaway

I running into this issue. I try to open a database on our Filemaker Server 15 and I get the following message. " database x cannot be opened because it is insecure. Require Password-Protected Databases is enabled"


I've downloaded a local copy from the server console and opened it up. When I look at the accounts setup for this database I have disabled the guest account and both the Full access level accounts have passwords and all other accounts (non guest) have passwords. So it looks like I have a secured database. What am I missing?


I tried recovering the database to see if there was some corruption and the recovery process ran fine and did notify me that there was anything to fix. When we first converted from a Filemaker 12 server to the Filemaker 15 server I was able to open the database on the FMP 15 server just fine.


Any help is appreciated.