Windows vs Mac Difference in Keystroke Processing?

Discussion created by user28222 on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by Andy Hibbs

Hi all,


I have the following (abbreviated) script that allows the user to navigate a spreadsheet like layout to enter numeric data:

#Up arrow

If $keystroke=31

   Go to Record[Next]

#Down arrow

else if $keystroke=29

  Go to Record[Previous]

End If


Where $keystroke=Code(Get(TriggerKeystroke))


Development and testing done on Mac and it ran fine and smooth on spreadsheet like layout.


However, when testing the FM app on a Windows 10 Pro Surface 4 Pro tablet, I have the following quirky behavior:

When rapidly pressing or continuously holding the arrow key, I am getting strange characters entered into the the fields (e.g. ampersands)


Does anybody have any insights into how to avoid this?  Again, on the mac it's very smooth navigation.