maximum size json file?

Discussion created by dddan on Jan 11, 2017
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We have a FM server 14, (Mac OS - El Capitan) outputting a json file to a website on request. This worked fine but today we got the message:

"XML error: No memory at line 1"

The number of items and fields with data in the json file increased over time, and it seems that the json file FM  server creates is becomes too big, because when we did a small test by modifying the request for the json file to only a selection of items it worked fine again.


Does anybody know if there is indeed a maximum size, if there is way to increase this, or if this behaviour has changed in FMS15?

Or if this error points to something else?


Note: we usually ask for a list of only the items with a later modification date so that the list is not too big, but every once in a while the web developer prefers to get a complete list, and that's where it goes wrong.

A possible solution is to split the file in two or three, but if there is way to increase the max size I'd prefer that.


Any help is appreciated,


Thanks, Daniel