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Best Method for Updating Hosted Database

Question asked by on Jan 11, 2017
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I have been pondering what the best method would be for pushing changes to a server-hosted filemaker database (or any FM database, for that matter).  I haven't managed to find information on this yet.  Let me give an example that hopefully illustrates exactly what I'm curious about:


Let's say I just put v1.0 of a solution in place.  My users have been using it for 2 months, and now, in a development environment (since I can't be tweaking the live DB), I've finally finished adding the upgrades they've requested, as well as other planned ones.  I need to push these upgrades (which could include database schema additions / changes, new layouts, tweaks to existing layouts, ODBC integrations to external databases, new reports, etc.) to the hosted version as seamlessly as possible. 


What best practices would guide this process? 


Some extra thoughts (if they're useful; they might be self evident):  Since filemaker puts everything inside of a single file (I think?  Maybe it works differently on the server version?), I'm not sure how this would work on even a basic level, or how to start streamlining it.  How can I preserve all of the data that has been recorded in the database since I put out v1.0 if I have to overwrite it with a whole new, upgraded version of the database?


Thanks so much for any guidance you can provide!