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    Create a record from an email


      im trying to find a way to have an email sent to a specific email address where the contents of the email can be pulled out and used to create a new record in our solution.

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          I'm not sure if I have your question exactly right. Here is my method:

          Have a table to archive emails.

          Create the body of the email in a field.

          Add other "email fields" (To, CC, etc. ), date and time sent as needed.

          Then  I send the email from the newly created record with these fields. I now have a historical account of the email in the database.


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            That may be the start of a solution.

            I want to be able to email (or forward) to an address and our filmmaker solution can grab the info out of the email and create a new record from it. Its not for archiving the email but using to create a record of information.

            I think what you proposed could be the start though and then we move the data to the appropriate table after that.



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              If you want to log the content of email that you are sending from FileMaker, beverly has described the way to do it. To use different words to say the same thing, you create your "log entry" first when composing the email, then use the content of the log entry fields to create and send the actual email message.


              We've used that system where I work for many years.


              If you want to log the content of email that you receive without any user doing a copy/paste, then the process gets more complex. I think that there are several plug ins that offer that capability.

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                I am guessing he wants something like we have in Web Help Desk. We send a message to our help desk system, and it converts the email into a Web Help Desk Ticket.


                I could see where this would be very useful in FileMaker.


                Send an email to the FileMaker Server Database and it would convert the email into a Record in the database. From would go into a From Field. Subject would go into a Subject Field. Body would go into a Body Field, etc


                Then you could do something with these new records created from the emails.


                I don't think FileMaker supports this though (unless there is a plug-in that does).