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Beginner Question / Filtering Records By Category

Question asked by scottganderson on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by philmodjunk

I'm brand new to FileMaker Pro so it could be that I'm missing something obvious. Hoping I can get some help with what seems like it should be a simple operation.  I have a table called "Work Notes" whose records have only 2 fields.  One called "Description" and one called "Category".  I created a layout which allows me to type a text description in the Description field and to choose a Category from a drop-down list.  I then created portals to only display notes from a particular category (category1, category2, category 3, etc.) through portal filtering according to category. This works well until I need to change the category of a given note. The individual category portals do not update unless I perform a "Refresh" command from the menu which is not only clunky, but I may not always remember to do it. I know I could work with a found set by manually performing a search, but I would prefer to have separate lists, broken down by category. My question is simply, is there an easier way of accomplishing what I need? Apologies if I'm not being clear and thank you in advance for any help any of you are able to provide.