Outside link protection issue.

Discussion created by bigtom on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2017 by tsplatypus

I understand the desire to provide some sort of notice about links that are outside the community. There is certainly a consequence about how it is currently implemented.


My main issue with the way it now works is that I am forced off of the community site if I want to see an outside link. I used to be able to easily cmd+click to open the link in a new tab to view the outside content and then close the tab and return to the community tab easily. This is not currently possible and opens the external page in the same tab. If I browse a few pages of content it is annoying to need to track back through the browse history to get the community again.


The only work around I have is to copy the link and manually create a new tab and paste it in. Also not user friendly.


So these days I often find myself going off to external content and often not returning to the community because it is not very easy to do so. I want to go back but if it is not easy to do and I do not have a specific reason to go back I will not because it is a clunky process.


Hopefully the Jive people have some fix for this. I know plenty of other sites with link notices that still let you out to a new tab when using cmd+click. I would rather have no notices than have to deal with this. Just my opinion though.