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    Printing is Inconsistant


      When I make a form to Print, using OS X 10.11.6, then print to PDF, it turns out great (Keeping all fields within the View Page Breaks dotted lines).  BUT, if the form is printed to PDF from one of our office computers it Prints on TWO PAGES.  The same inconsistencies are when our iPads save to PDF for an eMail... some it works, others it goes to two pages.



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          Not sure about FM GO, but with FM Pro, page breaks are determined by the "printable area" via the printer driver of the currently selected printer. Thus, if you have your layout sized to just barely fit inside that area, small differences in this area could produce the results that you see from one computer to another.


          One way to avoid such variations is to use layout setup's printing tab to specify margins and then keep your layout within the limits of the margins. That provides a bit of automatic adjustment from one computer to another.

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