Extreme slow pdf generating with images

Discussion created by tuzand on Jan 11, 2017
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I have an own Filemaker Server 15, and I am generating pdfs, with 5-6 big (A4 size) images (3-4 Mb / image), stored in container fields. The generation of the pdf could take also 10 mins. During this time I have higher cpu usage (~33%) on the server, but I haven't got higher disk (ssd) nor network utilisation (see attached image).

I already tried it from localhost and from WAN but the problem is the same (I am using Filemaker Pro 15). I am the one who is using the server.


What can cause the problem? Is it the rendering? If so, why doesn't utilise Filemaker the cpu completely?

Database cache is set now to 5 Gb. Could more cache help solve this problem?


Thank you for your help!