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    Report layouts and multiple pages/reports


      Can't find an answer (either "here's how" or "you can't") on this one so here goes...


      I'm trying to put together a layout that has a number of different reports in it and am having trouble. So I have about 7-8 different report layouts that cover the spectrum of the data I need to put together in a single report.


      Problem #1: A few of the reports are considered "2 page report"...as in in Landscape mode, they would normally go over two pages moving left to right...it's that wide. For now I'm using two different layouts to accomplish putting this report together and then saving/appending to PDF from there.


      Of course because like I said above, I need to combine a number of different reports into a single one...the remainder of the layouts that make up the single report are all saved/appended to the single file.


      Problem #2: While this works (kinda), it makes me automate jumping from layout to layout, savings/appending...and calculating a number of fields in each and that tends to bog things down. Not terribly, but looks horribly un-professional.


      Problem #3: I can't append to PDF in FM Go...and so I can't run this app from my slick interface on my iPhone/iPad.


      My solution is to simply combine all my reports into a single layout (solving problem #3) and it won't be erratically jumping from layout to layout looking un-professional (solving problem #2) and my plan was to put report next to report (moving from left to right), allowing the right to become "page #2...3..." and so on.


      Any thoughts or am wasting my time on this solution.



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          You can't move "left to right". Layout objects to the left of the page break line--as defined by current page size and orientation simply cannot be printed unless some plug in developer has come up with a way to do so.


          But "jumping layout to layout" can be completely hidden from the user.


          And if your FM GO solution is a client of a hosted solution it's possible to set up a robot client on a computer to generate the report and either email it or insert it into a container field.

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            Thanks for the confirmation on the "can't print outside the print area" portion. Just didn't want to be missing something if it WAS possible.


            May I ask how to hide the jumping?


            I've seen a few articles out there about the robot client....a little beyond my skill set at the moment..but we ARE hosted on FMServer so it's possible. Might not be worth the effort since more often than not we'll be on a computer and not IOS...just would have been a nice bell/whistle to add a multi-page report to the mobile device.


            Thanks for the reply!

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              You can try using Freeze Window. I find that I rarely need that anymore. What I find causing such issues are steps that open windows, refresh the window or a pause script step causing the flash. Look for and try to eliminate such steps.


              If all else fails, you can open a window hidden from view by being located "off the edge" of the monitor and use that window to generate your report.