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I'm in deep s...

I'm trying to relate two table together in a matter that I can't figure it out.


basically what I want to do is : having a portal loaded by a pop-menu of tree option from gender selection (woman, man or both)


first I have a table of customer (woman and man)

wich have a calculated field value of 0 for woman and 1 for man (so are my gender determinated)


and another table with a pop-menu with tree options for choosing the appropriate gender this way:

first option = 0 (woman)

secund option = 1 (man)

and third option = (tryed everuthing from -1 to 2, etc) - Unisex - to get both gender.


the pop-menu is tied to a field and - in return - with two calc field that are my condition for the related condition for my tables. (Linked with the gender calc field in my child table)


the two first are quit obvius

but I'm stuk with the limitaion of Related Operator wich is only AND - cause I tryed with two conditions to get my third option.


any clue.

tx a lot.