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Filemaker 15 container corruption

Question asked by smcfeeters on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by smcfeeters

I have an image management system that I've been using since Filemaker 13.  With the migration to Filemaker 15 I've noticed corruption in the database.  While I'm indexing the image data occasionally one of the images will disappear.  At first I thought it was just user error.  But after repeated instances, I knew it was not a user error.  It looks like the record just gets deleted, without any confirmation or notification. 


As I had no means to "capture" the problem, I decided to create a mirror table of the images, and link them together.  While working today, one of my records "disappeared", so I new I had captured the situation.  When I looked at the mirror, my record was supposed to 14564 in the production database.  That record still existed in the production database, however the contents of the container field were replaced with the contents of the last image added to the database (14582).


This database worked fine in Filemaker 13 and in Filemaker 14, I've only noticed this issue in Filemaker 15.