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    Audit Log system in FileMaker


      Hello Community,


      would like some assistance in building audit log system.


      First I, created an Audit log table with following fieds ID, FieldName, OldValue, NewValue, Creation, Account and Reason.


      Than I added script on field script triggers.










      I have an save button so when user click save new record is created and audit log is created. Records do not get saved automatically. Saved button ha to be clicked.  

      If user modify "one" fields, the audit will work.

      If user modify "More than one fields" and than press save, the system will save the record of last field which was modified. So if I change customer name, address and tel and than press save, In the audit table, one record will be created which will log the "tel" field data.



      How it is possible so when user make changes to more than one field and click save, the audit will create an separate log for each of modified.