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Preventing the dreaded - "Can't update this field because it is being"  message

Question asked by ThinkSoft on Jan 11, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by ThinkSoft

Hello Everyone in Filemaker Land;


i have overcome a problem I was having with multiple timed events happening - but it has raised another issue.
That of FOCUS.
The background is that I am constantly and continually updating a record every 10 seconds from a remote posting.  This works fine.

My HeartBeat Broadcast - sits there and works quite happily in the background

The raw data ( visible in a table layout ) is constantly being updated with the correct timestamp. 

( Seriously, the OnTimer script is not valid here - I have spent weeks on this )


However, on my visible Layout, which is set to automatically save Records; the activity of selecting something seems to stop the background record from being updated - SOMETIMEs...???


Is this a focus thing?  Is it necessary to force a "commit" after the selection; in order to "free" the focus so the background record is available to be updated?


Please respond in your kindest terms..

Many thanks