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Cant get the field to accept data

Question asked by AitchB on Jan 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by AitchB

I am creating a small booking system. So far so good.

Originally I was doing this on 1 table, "Client Booking", but I realised that as 1 client could book twice I created a new table so now I had to have 2 linked tables "Clients" and "Client Booking".

I enter a field from the table "Clients" on the layout "Clients" and they all have the double colons (::firstName) but when in Browse mode I can't add the name (or anything else!).

Although in Field Picker I can change the tables to use and their fields to pick I cant see how to change it so that they do not have the :: (coming from another table that is linked) IF this is what is preventing me from the data entry.


Any help will be very much appreciated.