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Using Filmaker Server 15 and Custom Web Publishing

Question asked by Kobyashi on Jan 13, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2017 by user19752

I'm trying to create a solution using PHP where, a remote web page run on a different server to the Filemaker Server, can add and update records. I've written the code and tested locally, that is on the same server as the FMS. It works flawlessly.


I've taken the same website code, purchased a hosting solution and uploaded it but I am receiving error 500, a web server error, apparently from the remotely hosted webserver. My assumption is that at the point I am calling the following code, precisely here $result = $newAdd->execute(); it is not getting a connection with the Filemaker Server.


function saveNewRecord($recordData)

$fm = new FileMaker($this->databaseName, $this->hostName, $this->userName, $this->password);
$newAdd = $fm->newAddCommand($this->tableName, $recordData);
$result = $newAdd->execute();

  $this->msg = 1;
  die('Error - ' . $result->getMessage(). ' (' . $result->code . ')');
  $tmp = current($result->getRecords());
  $this->userRecID = $tmp->getRecordID();
  $this->msg = 2;




Should this be possible?