FM Adv crashes when switching from Layout mode to Browse mode

Discussion created by yzysoft_gg on Jan 12, 2017
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Product and version: FileMaker Pro Advanced v.

OS and version: macOS v.10.12.2


Hardware MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2011), 4 GB of RAM and iMac (21-inch, Early 2016), 8 GB of RAM.



I experience unexplainable constant crashing (halts for long time) when switching from Layout mode to Browse mode. On the moment I go from Layout mode to Browse mode, FileMaker starts "thinking" for a very long time. The mouse wheel start spinning and FileMaker Pro Advanced shows: “Application not Responding”. Then I have to Force Quite FMPA to start it over.


It started after last update to FMPA v. First of all I thought my file is damaged, so I ran Recover (no problems found) and still the problem exist.  I didn’t notice any loss of table for the layout or big changes in file size. Although, sometimes FMPA wakes up after 5-10-15 minutes and saves changes. But sometimes it lasts up to 30 mins. I also refer this problem to Damaged Files Repair profesionals and they found workaround's Option 1.


Then I opened the backup file 6 months old and I experience the same issue. So I think that it might be a FileMaker Pro Advanced issue. Please note that the solution has more than 400 layouts and has about 40 folders. I didn't experience anything similar since version 9, when I started to develop the solution. Please help!!!


How to replicate

I could send the file to FMI support for examination. Please let me know the email where I could send to.



Option 1. Break all layouts folder structure which cause to remove all layouts from folders. I found that this doesn't get the FMPA to crash.
Option 2. Downgrade FMPA to version 15.0.1.