2 things that cause Non-Responding FM Advanced

Discussion created by dburnham on Jan 13, 2017
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FileMaker Advanced 150.2.220

Macintosh Sierra 10.12.2



In the past few days, i have observed these two things that cause FileMaker Advanced to go into a non-responding mode requiring a Force-Quit after waiting about 10 minutes for it to complete whatever it might be doing:


1.  Execute the Upload to Server command when a database is open, and respond affirmatively to the prompt that says the file will be closed before it will be updated.  The file closes, and the Upload to Server dialog box never appears.  After a Force-Quit, the file can be uploaded without a problem the way it was in previous versions of FileMaker Advanced.


2.  A pair of fp7 files are dragged together onto a Dock icon for FileMaker 15 Advanced, expecting the conversion to proceed normally.  The dialog box that discusses conversion opens, the target folder for the converted files is specified, and the non-responding mode begins and requires a Force-Quit.  After a restart, the files can be converted separately without difficulty.   The resulting conversion log from the failed attempt looks like this.  In other words, it is only showing the filename of the first of the two files.

2017-01-13 09:27:16.947 -0600AM_Work_Orders.fp70Conversion started.