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Question regarding usage of auto generate serial number

Question asked by glennatenr on Jan 13, 2017
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I am using auto-enter serial number to generate an incremental quote number.  I'm pretty new at this so possibly doing something incorrectly. When we are on the master screen and want to create a new record in the entry screen I have a button that directs the user there.  The script for the button is


Go to Layout [ layout name ]

New Record/Request

I arrive at my layout, my blank record is there and ready to be filled out, my incrementally generated quote number is there and correct.


The problem I'm having is when a user would want to cancel the addition/creation of the record.  My button cancel script deletes  the

the record, however the quote number still increases despite the cancellation.  If my last record in the DB is 701,when we go to

the entry screen and the user cancels the request, if we generate another new request the generated quote number is now 703.


Everything works great unless the user cancels the request.  I have generate on commit selected and figured this would keep this from happening

if the user canceled the entry, but I can't seem to stop it from incrementing even though it does not create a record.


it's probably something pretty easy for you more experienced users but it's driving me nuts !


any help would be appreciated.