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Can't see/find 'Manage Script' & 'Manage Database' windows FMK 15 PRO Adv.

Question asked by on Jan 13, 2017
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I can't see my 'Manage Database' and 'Manage Script' windows!

I was working in Windows 10 with one extended monitor. For both (Database and Script windows), it happened that their header were far beyond the extended monitor's limit. I dragged them down to enlarge them and in both cases they disappeared. Now when I reopen the file, I open 'Manage Script' and 'Manage Database' in the menu, and in the case of the 'Database' window it locks FMK until I press the Esc key, but none are visible, even after closing the file, closing FMK, or even rebooting the computer with the native monitor only!

Can you help me on making the 'Manage...' windows visible and active again?


Thanks in advance,