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Modifying Custom Field to Display Most Recent Information?

Question asked by hottonem on Jan 13, 2017
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I am very, very new at FileMaker, so please bear with me. Our system is all set up and I'm just trying to maintain it, clean it up a bit, and slowly learning.


In list view, we have two custom fields set up for the type of plan purchased and the date of the transaction. These fields pull up the data from the first receipt, rather than the most recent. We're like to alter the fields to display the most recent plan information and date of the transaction on the receipts from the customer profiles.


I've been playing around a bit trying to figure it out, but as I'm quite inexperienced with FileMaker, I'm wary to change much. Was I on the right track going to File > Manage > Database, heading to Relationships and attempting to change the Receipts Data for the Plan Type to Descending beside the Sort records check box?


Thank you for any and all help!