FileMaker 15 SSL and ODBC and 13-14 access issues

Discussion created by fmpdan on Jan 15, 2017
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We have a Server 15 setup on Windows Server 2008 latest version. We have a wildcard Cert from GeoTrust a RapidSSL SHA256

Installed fine and turning SSL on gives no errors. Connecting with 15 clients is not a problem.

However,  although ODBC turned on we can no connect. And if SSL is on 13 and 14 clients even though they are the latest version can not connect. As soon as we turn SSL off everything is fine.


We found this link where someone else used this kind of cert and was fine.

It can see that GeoTrust is not on the approved list for Wildcards. is server somehow checking that?


I attached the SSL details.


Since Support is closed until Tuesday I would appreciate any ideas.