Multiple user Filemaker Runtime mode

Discussion created by wolf2623 on Jan 15, 2017
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Hello everyone,


I have Filemaker Pro 11 Advanced. I created a database for my girlfriend. She has a beauty salon and all the customer are in the database. It went fine for a couple of years but the business grew and their is a lot more girl working for my GF.


I put the database on her computer and shared it on the network so everyone can access it from their computer.


The problem is if someone is using the software, nobody can use it in the same time.


I tried to secure it so her employee can only consult the database and only my GF can modify it. The problem is if there is 2 employee that need to consult the database at the same time, it give me an error and the second one can't consult it.


Is there a solution that I can program to make sure that many people can access the database at the same time? I looked on the Internet and didn't find anything at all.


Thank you