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How to create a diagram based on calculated values from two tables

Question asked by jdd on Jan 14, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by BruceRobertson

Hello, my name is Dennis Davidsson and I am completely new as user of File Maker 15 Pro Advanced. I am still trying to grasp what is possible to achieve, and what is not, with this program. This is my problem: I want to create an application to keep track of my private economy. I have created a layout by which I register my daily expenses. By the end of the year, I will run a report, which groups and creates sums for total month expenses for each month. Based on this report, I have created a staple diagram, on which each staple represents the total month expenses for each of the twelve months of the year. I also intend to create a similar layout, where I register my daily incomes and in the same way a report which groups together and creates sums for total monthly incomes for each month of the year and a corresponding staple diagram for my monthly incomes. All this seems to work fine so far, but now comes my problem: On top of this I want to create a corresponding staple diagram showing the total difference incomes minus expenses for each month of the year. But I cannot figure out how to achieve this. As far as I can figure out this would require some kind of SQL sentenses  by which I can create some new intermediate tables containing a column with the difference incomes minus expenses for each month, and it seems as if that is not possible with the limited SQL facility that File Maker offers.

I would very much appreciate some ideas how to solve this my problem.


Kindly regards

Dennis Davidsson