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    How to create a diagram based on calculated values from two tables


      Hello, my name is Dennis Davidsson and I am completely new as user of File Maker 15 Pro Advanced. I am still trying to grasp what is possible to achieve, and what is not, with this program. This is my problem: I want to create an application to keep track of my private economy. I have created a layout by which I register my daily expenses. By the end of the year, I will run a report, which groups and creates sums for total month expenses for each month. Based on this report, I have created a staple diagram, on which each staple represents the total month expenses for each of the twelve months of the year. I also intend to create a similar layout, where I register my daily incomes and in the same way a report which groups together and creates sums for total monthly incomes for each month of the year and a corresponding staple diagram for my monthly incomes. All this seems to work fine so far, but now comes my problem: On top of this I want to create a corresponding staple diagram showing the total difference incomes minus expenses for each month of the year. But I cannot figure out how to achieve this. As far as I can figure out this would require some kind of SQL sentenses  by which I can create some new intermediate tables containing a column with the difference incomes minus expenses for each month, and it seems as if that is not possible with the limited SQL facility that File Maker offers.

      I would very much appreciate some ideas how to solve this my problem.


      Kindly regards

      Dennis Davidsson