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Faculty teaching schedules in layers

Question asked by nunz on Jan 14, 2017
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Imagine a table with 10 rows and 6 columns.

The first column has time rows from 8-8:50am, 9-9:50am, etc. whereas the next five columns represent Monday, Tuesday, .., Friday.


Thirty faculty members will indicate when they are teaching by putting, say, "teaching" in a slot in the table. For example, if someone teaches at MWF at 10am, he would populate three slots in the table with "teaching" written in.


So, there are now 30 records in which each record consists of the table with some slots with "teaching" written in them.


Think of records as layers in Adobe Illustrator. When 19 records are selected, is there a way to overlay one record on top of the other in a see-through way so that FileMaker shows a table with "teaching" in various slots of layers that tells me when at least one of them is teaching?


The purpose is to generate a table when a chosen set of records have some empty slots in every record. Such slots would represents when the chosen set of faculty can meet with unanimous availability.


Is this possible to do in FileMaker?