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Importing matched fields

Question asked by tays01s on Jan 15, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2017 by RickWhitelaw

Can I check my 'logic' for flaws.


I have a multi-table DB who's tables are related by UUIDs, Parent < Child. I've illustrated the parent child levels below using numbers, with a, b, c representing different tables at the same level:

1a < 2a < 3 < 4 < 5

1a < 2b

1b < 2a

Users will use 1a to ID records and will export by combined match fields showing a name/number field combination. Up to here I'm reasonably confident the system works.


There can only be  records in table 1b and related to each record in table 1a for tables 2a, 2b and 3. I am thinking of using 'Date' as the match field for tables 1b, 2a/b, and 3 and UUID for 4 and 5.


Potential problem: The DB is a standalone RT where 2 or more users might potentially generate records for tables 1b and 2-5 based on the same 1a record on the same of different dates. Because there's potentially an overlap in dates, would my proposed 'match field' import system result in the 1a parent record having the maximum number of 1b and 2a/b-3 table records collated?