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Why Typing-Ahead is Impossible when Relational Value List is Based on a Complex Relationship ?

Question asked by jmproulx on Jan 15, 2017
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Table R_I is related to table Recipes and table Ingredients ( a many-to-many relationship ). A recipe is created by using a layout based on Recipes containing a portal based on R_I. The user has many options to select a specific ingredient which will create a new row (line item) in the portal.  One of them is to enter the name of the ingredient in the Name field with a control style of a dynamic drop down value list. Because names of ingredients could be long, I would like to offer the possibility of typing ahead in the Name field.


Unfortunately ( or perhaps fortunately ? ) this is not allowed when the dynamic value list is based on a complex relationship between R_I and a TO of the table Ingredients. However, it is possible when the value list is based on a simple relationship between R_I and a TO of Ingredients.


I dont't understand this limitation since the value list is correctly established in both cases. Why is the typing-ahead possible only when the relationship is a simple one ?