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    how to insert highlighted text



      how to insert highlighted text   .... probably some silly syntax, just haven't figured it out.


      $$where (number) = get ActiveSelectionStart



      1.     insert calculated result doesn't seem to respond to starting point $$where and instead replaces whole text field with color and size desired


      2.      Insert text,  $$where works ok but text inserted isn't highlighted or sized in any way.


      where set.png



      WHY do i want to insert;

      I'm creating a text field editor allowing insertion of keywords from a list that are highlighted [bold] , On demand all key words are substituted . For the most part all the scripted components work well.

      The current issue is that I would like to insert a colored marker to indicate the insertion point to compliment the visibility of the bold key words ;

      A text body loaded with kwords can be read before substituting key words and saved as a form which I call a blob. It too has it's own key word.

      A blob can contain another blob. It's also possible to partially fill form with a click of the refresh button (substitute) and then select , another or same, keyword  so as to include data from a different selected record. Many key values pull single field data from selected records . I call them chunks.

      When all substituting and proof reading is done the text field is saved as a PDF.