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Discussion created by Johan Hedman on Jan 15, 2017
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To make sure I do not miss things that FileMaker release I check the FileMaker Knowledge Base frequently.


I got to the url  Find Answers | FileMaker 


Then I search for changes in last 7 days.


This works great 95/100 times, but those last 5 times someone at FMI have done a Replace on records and for some reason ended up entering change date on each record so that this time it appear 74 answers (records). I know for fact that at least 90% of those 74 answer are not new och have not been updated last 7 days and would not like to have to read though all of those answers.


Therefore I ask FMI to please handle this answers (records) so that this do not appear, otherwise have other search possibilities to that this do not occur.