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    Portal setting do not allow deletion is ignored


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      On a layout portal where "Allow deletion of portal records" is unchecked, a user can click on a portal row, then hit the delete key on the keyboard, and get a dialog to delete the portal row.  The suppression of the allow deletion is ignored.


      In this case, the portal row is a button with a single step that sets a field in the parent record to the primary key for the related record to display data.  So the user cannot click IN the portal row, but if they click the button and then immediately hit the delete key, they get the dialog. Clicking delete in the dialog does delete the portal row.


      A test on portal rows where the user can click in a field found the suppression works correctly in that instance.


      Workaround:  I am replacing the single step with a script that sets that field and then commits the record so that focus is lost.


      Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.21.46 PM.pngScreen Shot 2017-01-15 at 4.22.38 PM.png

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          Thank you for your post.


          I am unable to reproduce the issue.  This is what I have done:


          1. I created a database file with two tables linked together by ID.

          2. In the portal database file, I created three records for ID=1 and three records for ID=2.

          3. In the portal, I created a button that updates a field in the main database:

              If (ID=1; 2; 1)

          4. When I click on the button in the active portal row, the ID switches and the other set of portal records appear.

          5. If I click in the portal outside of the button, the active portal row remains and I cannot delete.

          6. If I click the button and immediately press the Delete key, I still cannot delete.


          Let me know what I am doing differently than you so I can replicate the issue.



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            Thanks for the quick response.  I do  not know what you did differently, since your file was not attached to the email, but I have attached a test file I just made that demonstrates the bug.  The button is behind the fields in the portal, which are not enterable.  The button has a single step, to set the related record id in the parent record, so there is no commit.  Changing this step to a script with commit after setting the field does eliminate the problem, but doesn’t answer the question why the portal setting is being ignored.


            The only difference between this example and my live database is that the button is visible.


            In this example, you cannot click in the portal row outside of the button.


            “Test" is the parent record, “Related” is the child record table. “Related selected” is the second relationship to display data for the selected record only.  A portal filter does gives the same result, but requires a commit step to refresh the portal, so I use a relationship.


            If you click on a portal row in the “Test” layout, then immediately click delete, you will get the option to delete the related record.

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              Thank you for the file.


              I am able to replicate the issue.  Interestingly, if I click outside of the button to make the portal row active, I am unable to delete the related record.  If no portal row is active, then I can delete the portal row.


              I have sent your posts, file, and my findings to our Development and Testing departments for review.  When I receive any feedback, I will let you know.



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                Development and Testing are already aware of this issue.  The report has been updated with a modification of your file, and it has been resubmitted to Development for further review.



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