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Turnaround Times minus the Weekends and Holidays

Question asked by u177svr on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by beverly

Hi Teams,

I saw you're answer from a few years ago and found this very interesting, and although one kind person has answered there answer did totally bamboozle me as I'm new to FMpro, and am learning things as I go along.

Please help me understand this as this would really help with my Turnaround Times by excluding weekends and Holidays. I've also never done relationships before so can you explain in simple terms what I need to do.

To explain what I have at present:

Field Name:                                       Field Type:

Date Product Arrived                            Date

Date Order Arrived                               Date

Date of Shipping Order                        Date

TAT (Turnaround Time) for Order        Date

Turnaround Time                                 Calculation (But shows as a number of days not a date)   The calculation is "Turnaround Time =Date of Shipping Order - TAT for Order"


So at present my TAT for Order field chooses the nearest marker between Date Product Arrived and Date Order Arrived as my TAT starts when I receive both ( I could have the product in stock before the order comes through and vice versa) This gives the result in Turnaround Time Field, but I want to exclude Bank Holidays and Weekends.