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Auto select pop up menu value list item based on text string in from another field

Question asked by dennismoorejr on Jan 16, 2017
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I am working with the following related databases.


Participants  Table




Transaction Table


ParticipantID (Value List based on Participant Table::ParticpantID)  ::ParticpantLastName (Participant Table)  ::PartipantFirstName (Participant Table)

Also included on the transaction table is import from excel worksheets info inlcuding

LastName FirstName


I am looking for a way to have the fields ::ParticipantID select the proper record when the names of the Tranasction::LastName + Transaction::FirstName match a record.


Knowing the following;


Participant Table Record # 1 includes the following information;


ParticipantID   ParticipantLastName  ParticipantFirstName

0001                Rubble                         Barney


When I import records into the transaction table with the following record information


Trans #    ::ParticpantID  ::ParticpantLastName  ::ParticipantFirstName   TransLastName  TransFirstName     TransAmount

   01                                                                                                                  Rubble               Barney               $100.00


I would like the ::ParticipantID ::ParticpantLastName ::ParticipantFirstName fields to grab record number 0001 from the particpant table and populate the fields appropriately.


Currently the ::ParticpantID filed on the Transaction table is a pop up menu with a value list based on the ParticpantID records info.


I am trying to create transaction entries that are connected after import to the proper particpantID.


I am very very very new at this.  Meaning it is my first time working with Final Cut.


The Particpant Table and Transaction Table ParticipantID are related.


Thank you in advance.