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Parsing text with foreign characters

Question asked by twelvetens on Jan 16, 2017
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I'm using a range of text parsing functions (Position etc) to get specific bits of data out of a text string.


From what I can see, the built in text functions don't seem to be able to handle 'foreign' characters - in this case the text is in French...






     Objet : Réservation Madame LASTNAME FIRST, tél : +34657XXXXX,, , Espagne Réf : LEC / 10123456 /


     Nous vous remercions de prendre en considération la réservation suivante :


I'm trying to get the Position of the "Réf" section, but when I use Position ( texttoparse ; "Réf" ; 1 ; 1 ) I get a "0".

If I change the "é" to an "e" it works OK, but I'm loathed to use a Substitute function for every single character I need to translate.


Is this expected behaviour? Is there a setting I can use somewhere to make the text functions appreciate all characters?