FMGO 15, Codabar barcodes not recognised.

Discussion created by BenKreunen on Jan 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by BenKreunen

Product and version: Filemaker Go 15

OS and version iOS: 10.2

Hardware: iPhone 6, iPad

Description: "Insert from device" script step fails to recognise codabar barcodes.

  • Other barcode formats work.
  • Script works in Filemaker Go 14.


How to replicate:

  • Create script with "Insert from Device" step, Camera: Back, Resolution: Full, Barcode type: Code 128 and Codabar.
  • Run script and scan codabar barcode.
  • Camera activates but fails to recognise barcode.
  • Move device over Code 128 barcode, barcode is recognised.
  • Load file in Filemaker Go 14, script works for both barcode types.



Use Filemaker Go 14.