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Please suggest some good practices for handling certificates for FTPS over SSH and SSL.

Discussion created by Magnus Fransson on Jan 16, 2017

Good afternoon,


I would like some suggestions for "best practices" for handling certificates inside a FileMaker Pro table. I am building a solution that is supposed to send a fresh price list file through FTP to a list of selected customers. For this purpose I have created a table that stores information like server address, account name and password for the customers FTP-server. Now I believe I have covered both e-mail with attachment, plain FTP and SFTP (SSH-FTP).


Next step would be to be able to use FTPS (FTP over SSH, with TLS and SSL) as well. For that I assume, I need to store the individual certificates in FileMaker and then export them when needed.


I'm using the MBS-plugin to perform the FTP send. I guess I could use a container-field to store the certificate files and use the MBS( "Container.WriteFile"; Data; FilePath ) function to export it. Or I could store the certificate content in a text field and use the MBS( "Text.WriteTextFile"; Text; FilePath { ; Encoding } ) function.

After that, I have to use some MBS-SSH functions to involve it.

(The reason I can’t use “Export Field Contents”, is because the script is supposed run scheduled in the middle of the night and therefore run on the server.)


Though, a case focused, comprehensive and coherent example, would be of immense help. But some recommended practices, tips and help would go far as well.


Just so that there are no misunderstandings, this is the same as I have e-mailed directly to Monkeybread Software about. But I thought it would be of use for many more if I posted it here.


With best regards Magnus Fransson.